Websites for Student
 Websites for Mouse Skills
Mouse Concentration Activity: Practice making matches by clicking on any two squres. There is a Timer button so you can see how long it takes you to complete the puzzle.

Word Search: Many online Word Searches are available for  you to complete.

Paint A Rhyme Online: Click on a rhyme and then paint the picture.

Kindergarten Games: for Fine Motor Skills: Students will practice fine motor skills

Jigzone: Lots of puzzles to solve!

Websites for Research

Kids Click:  Web search for kids

The Interent Public Library for Kids

Fact Monster  This site has lots of facts and information.

Websites for Reading

McGraw-Hill Reading Site

Literacy Center:  

Starfall: This a wonderful site for young children. Have fun practicing letter sounds, word families, and more!

Game Goo:  Kid games tht stick!

Little Finger Games: Lots of learning games for kids.

The Bernstain Bear Site: This is the official site for Berenstain Bears!

Seussville: Have some reading fun at Seussville

Arthur's Website: Enjoy learning about Author and his friends.

Kaboose Funschool: Have fun at this interactive website.

Between the Lions: Get wild about reading!


StoryLine: This is a site where actors read familiar picture books.

Scrambled Stories
Students will scramble various stories to make an original story using their creativity!

Story Book  Web

Inkless Tales

K-3 Teaching Treasures

Houghton Mifflin Reading

Stories From the Web

Little Critter Website

Magic Key

Read Write Think

Literactive  Reading Reading activities for young children.

Book Adventure  Book Adventure is a motivational website where students can take online quizzes, earn points for prizes and generate book lists.

Reading Rainbow

Weekly Reader

Into the Book 
A reading comprehension resource for K-4 students and teacher,  Eight research-based strategies: Using Prior Knowledge, Making Connections, Questioning, Visualizing, Inferring, Summarizing, Evaluating and Synthesizing.

Websites for Math Skills

Tangram Video Clip

Tangram Game

Geometric Tangrams

Virtual Tangrams

Timed Tangram Game

Tangram Alphabet

Virtual Tangrams

ABC Tan-ya Grams

Math Magician: Are you a math magician? Answer 50 questions in 2 1/2 minutes.

Kidport Math

Third Grade Math Activities

Bite Size Games

AIMS Puzzle Corner

Math Dictionary for Kids
Interactive dictionary that explains math terms.

A Plus Math Get ready to practice your math skills.

Max's Math Adventure: Use your math skills to complete these mathematical adventures!

Math Hunt: Get ready to explore amazing facts and fantastic math.

Absurd Math Use your problem solving skills to complete this adventure.

AAA Math

Online Tangram Puzzles

Math Playground

AIMS Puzzle Corner

King's List of On-line Math Activities

Bright Sparks Difficult interactive problem solving/critical thinking games.

Math Slice Interactive math site with fun activities and practice tests.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives Web-based virtual manipulatives or concept tutorials, for mathematics instruction.

Interactivate: High level math activities

Interactive Fun Puzzles

Puzzlers Paradise(online logic puzzles)

Multiplication Games

Tower 23

Kid's Place Houghton Mifflin mathematics:  A great website for all grade levels to practice their math skills and prepare for tests.

Logic Puzzles Get ready to solve some logic puzzles.

Teaching Time
Interactive activities that teach time.

Graph Zone Students can generate bar, line, pie and area graphs.

Coolmath: Online logic, IQ, and memory games.  This site also includes Lemonade Stand, Rush Hour, Tower of Hanoi


QUEST for the Bridge
A mathematical problem solving game designed for grade 4 and above.

Add Like Mad

Dr. Mikes Math Games

Power Lines Phase 1

Power Lines Phase 2

Power Lines Phase 3

Math Mayhem

Funbrain Sudoku

Number Gym: Exploring Fractions
An interactive way for students to learn about fractions.  Students see the fractions represented graphically and numerically.  As students change the numerator and denominator of the fraction, they see the graphic change accordingly.

Mr. G's Place Value
A great mini-site to teach students about place values.  The chart has a thousands, hundreds, tenths, and ones column.  Students can drag counters up and down the chart to create numbers.  Every portion of the Place Value Chart can be hidden from view depending on what you are using the chart for.

Table Extender   a multiplication game that gives students a challenging multiplication problem and asks them to drag the problem on top of the correct answer.  Students are timed as they go through the various challenges.

Bond Builder  a mini-game that gives students a ‘dot spotter’ that looks like a dice, students add the numbers on the dot spotter and drag it to the correct sum on a dial.  They are timed as they drag the dot spotter cards to the correct location.

Getting to Grips with Graphs  Getting to Grips with Graphs: Trigonometry lets students explore the equation y=aSin(bx*+c*) through adjustments to a, b, and c in graphical form.

Multiplication Games Many interactive multiplications games available for students at this website.

Interactivate Perimeter and area games as well as advanced geometry explorers like the Phythagorean Theorem and Hilbret Curve.

The US Mint for Kids  Learn all about money!

Kids Bank  Learn about money!

Aunty Math  Challenge students to solve a math problem.

Websites for Language Arts

Magnetic Poetry

Instant Poetry

Many Colored Days Writer's Workshop utilizing a Dr. Seuss Book.

Shoe Magic
A literature stuy about shoes.

Scriptorium Scribbles
A young writers' resource

Punctuation Paintball
This is a fun site to work on the 6-Trait area of "conventions."

The Global Story Train
Students can draw a picture for a story already written. You can  also write a story for a picture that already exists.

Houghton Mifflin Spelling Match Game

Harcourt School Spelling

Spelling City:  Online spelling program that makes practicing for tests fun.

Smart Crosswords

Poetry Splatter

Look Cover and Spell

Acrostic Poem Maker

Noun and Verb Pracice

Visual Puns, Animal Adjectives, Grammar Advice Do your students enjoy figuring out puns? In addition to puns, the Web site offers a variety of other puzzles and interesting information to challenge students.

Resource Websites

Word Central (online dictionary)


 Websites for Science

Windows to the Universe

Rock Hounds

Rocks for Kids

NASA for Kids

BB C Science

Exploratorium  Hands on science activities.

Weather Maker 

Switcheroo Zoo:  Explore different habitats and create new animals at this interactive website.

Optical Illusions and Visual Phenomena  Our brain uses depth cues to help us perceive and make sense of sensory stimuli. This Web site is full of optical illusions and visual phenomena.

Factory Tours   This Web site has more than 500 factory tours listed by state.  What a great way to discover interesting factories in your area!

Fema for Kids

Students will learn all about natual disasters.

Make Your Own Snowflake

Arkive   ARKive, a unique collection of thousands of videos, images and fact-files illustrating the world's species.

Websites for Physical Education and Health

Kids Health: Be a Fit Kid

Super Thinkers

CryptoKids: Future codemakers and codebreakers

Rate Your Plate

The Yuckiest Site on the Internet  Roach World! Worm World! gross and cool!

Nourish Interactive

  Websites for Social Studies Continents and Oceans

U.S. Government: (Ben's Guide)

Famous Nebraskans

The World Factbook

Web Rangers  This is  National Park Service's Site for kids of all ages.  If you love National Parks, Monuments, and Historic Sites, this site is for you.

Learn All About Continents

National Geographic for Kids

The First Thanksgiving
Learn how pilgrims reached America and lived to celebrate the first Thanksgiving.

Oregon Trail  Do you remember the old Oregon Trail? Now you can play it again! 

World News

Washington Post for Kids  News that kids will enjoy reading.

Time for Kids  Current events that students can read.

Educational Interactive Websites



Primary Games

Quiz Hub

Tower 23

Learning Wave

Super Thinkers


Simon Says

Smog City


Internet4Classrooms Selected for 101 Best Web Sites

Savings Quest Put on your thinking cap and go on a savings quest.  Pick a character, pick a job, set up a budget, and then try  to reach your savings goal.  You will also need to utilize problem solving skills!!!

Dance Mat Typing:  Get ready to practice your typing skills.  Make your way through all 12 stages and you can be a top typist

Copy-Right Interactive  This site helps kids understand copy-right.  A very useful resource for older kids.


Virtual Keyboard With the click of a mouse, one can select from piano, organ, saxophone, flute, pan pipes, strings, guitar, steel drums, and double bass settings. There is a chord feature that allows users to play chords. With six different drum beats to choose from, students can make their own music in no time at all!

Robert Sabuda Popup Books
  Great site to learn more about making popup books.

Toy Theatre A website for K-4 that encourages students to practice reading, art, math, and music through puzzle type games.  In the art section, students can make a Matisse, put on a puppet show, and more.

NGA Kids  Interactive art that you can make online.

Biome Websites

World Biomes

MBG Net Biomes

The World Biomes

Interactive Compass Activity


Building Big  Learn about buildings domes and skyscrapers