Fontenelle Falcon Bridge Club

When: Wednesdays 3:45 - 4:45 p.m.

Who: 5th Graders

Where: Fontenelle Library

The following articles were written by students that participated in Bridge Club this year:

Playing Bridge

When you think of cards you might think that all you do is shuffle, but there is a lot more to it.  When I first came to Bridge I was nervous and thought that I was hopeless.  Then when I got used to it I thought that it was like part of my family.  Bridge is a brain exercise that anyone can play if they practice.  Being in Bridge Club has been fun so I’ll be sure to tell kids to join next year.  Special thanks to Mrs. Hitt, Mrs. Halley, and Mrs. Stokes.  I couldn’t have done it without you!

By Aahlishiya


I liked Bridge because it is a strategy game.  It was fun meeting players from other schools at the city tournament.     Another thing I like about Bridge is that I can play it forever and still learn.

By Tristanna


I had a lot of fun playing Bridge.  To me, Bridge made me smarter.  I really liked it because my friends played it, too.  Bridge is a fun brain sport because you are learning while you have a lot of fun.  We did have homework in Bridge Club, but it was fun and easy.  I think that it doesn’t matter how old you are, you can still play Bridge.  My favorite time in Bridge this year was the Fontenelle Family Game Night.  I had a blast!  Playing the game you learn something everyday.  I loved playing Bridge with my brother.  He learned a lot from it, too.  There are different things in Bridge like points, partners, cards, and scores.  Bridge is something that I will never stop playing.  Maybe if I have kids, I’ll teach them to play Bridge.  Bridge is now my favorite hobby.  I hope to join Bridge Club again next year.

By Tyra


I’m here to tell you about Bridge.  Bridge is a brain sport.  Also, Bridge is a very fun thing to learn.  After our Bridge lessons, we had a tournament.  At the tournament I met new people from other schools and had a lot of fun.  We had pizza for lunch and also had the opportunity to win cash prizes!  It was a blast!

By Taylor

Bridge Tournament 

Bridge is a brain sport!  The competition is fierce, but if you listen to your teachers you could win!  The school competition was exciting, but nothing compared to the city tournament.  Students from different schools played cards for about 3 hours.  At the end of the tournament, we all got goody bags and money!  Just remember, Bridge is not about money or goody bags, it’s all about having fun! 

By April


When I think about learning to play Bridge, I think about counting points, partnerships, and how many cards you are supposed to have.  In Bridge you are assigned a compass direction like: N. E. S. or W.  The person that is sitting across from you will be your partner during the game.  Bridge is kind of like a 4 person War game.  If you would like to play Bridge, you will have to sign up with a permission slip next year!  Family game night is another good time to play Bridge with you friends and family.  It is fun!!!

P. S.  Playing Bridge could make you smarter!

By Alize’


I really enjoyed playing Bridge!  It was exciting to learn a new card game.  I had fun teaching my family to play and they also enjoyed learning.  The most exciting part was when I won my trophy in the City Tournament.  I came in second place and won $5.  Bridge is a lot of fun and I think more people should try out next year!

By Jadyn