Ms. Orrick

Welcome to my webpage!   My name is Ms. Orrick and I teach kindergarten.  My class is named The Busy Bees and we have a very busy classroom!!!  You can reach me at  


Kindergarten is a special place to explore and grow!!!!  Everyday is full of fun and opportunities to learn.  We work on alphabet letters and sounds daily and by the end of the year the children are sounding out many words.  We send home "teddy bear"words every week so that the children can learn the high frequency words they need to know before going to first grade.  In math, we learn numbers to 30, sorting, patterns, measurement and simple addition and subtraction.  We learn to play and work together and explore the world around us!




About Ms. Orrick

 I have taught Kindergarten at Fontenelle for ten years.  I received my Masters of Science in Early Childhood Education in 2001.  Kindergarten is a fun place to learn and play.  During my spare time I enjoy looking for antique toys, reading, swimming and spending time with my adult children, Scott and David.  I also love going to movies on Sunday afternoons.