All About Me

Students in Mr. Vilauer’s class researched information about themselves while in the computer lab.  Students then had to write a paragraph and illustrate a picture of themselves using the drawing program, Canvastic.  Enjoy their work!



     My name is Connor Strong and it is a Scottish name.  The meaning of it is knowledgeable.  There are less than 1, 563 people with my first name in the United States.  There are 50,311 people with my last name.  I am the only Connor Strong in the United States.  Some famous people that I share a birthday with are Helen Keller and Khloe Kardashian.  My Chinese sign is the dragon.  It means I am always on the move.  My zodiac sign is cancer.  It means of the water.  Pierre Pflimlin, who was a French Prime Minister, and Moly Bish died on my birthday.  That’s all for now!




     Hi, my name is Derrian and I’m going to be talking about my middle name, Simone Davis.  My name is French, (which is one of my favorite languages) and it means obedient.  In the United States there are only 93 people with the name Simone Davis.  I think it’s really cool that Henry Ford, Damon Wayans, and one of my favorite singers, Beyonce, share my birthday, which is September 4th.  But, if you want to be specific, I’m 4,091 days, 11 hours, and 353,502,600 seconds old.  My zodiac sign is a Virgo, and my Chinese sign is a Dragon.  On my birthday the United Nations conference ended, and ironically one of my favorite songs, “Say My Name” went platinum in the year of 2000.  So that is my All About Me story.  Thanks!




     My name is Elia.  My name means “God is Lord.”  There are 10,937 people in the United States that have my first name.  There are 42,643 people in the United States that have my last name.  I am the only one in the United States with my first ahd last name.  My full name is unique.  People who are famous that have the same birthday as me are Lea Thomason, Brooke Shields, and Sharon Gless.  They all were born on May 31st.  They were all in television shows.  I was born in the year 2000 so that means I am a dragon for my Chinese sign.  My zodiac sign is Gemini.  Gemini have clever mouths.  On the day I was born Friends, the T.V. show, was on the air.  That is all about me.




     My name is a female name.  My name comes from Russia.  My name means “Sea of Bitterness.”  There is only one Mariya in the whole United States and that one Mariya is me.  Famous people who share my birthday are Sidney Crossby, Mayin Gale, and David Dachovny.  I am 4119 days, 11 hours, 9 minutes, and 30 seconds old.  In all, I am 355,921,797 seconds old.  That is how long I have been alive.  I am a Leo and one thing to describe a Leo is that a Leo is stubborn.  My Chinese sign is a dragon.  If you were born in the year 2000 you would be a dragon and to the research it says most dragons like me appear to be strong.  What happened on the day I was born?  Al Gore chose his running mate for the vice president.  This is all about me!




     Hi! My name is Alize and I’m going to tell you ALL ABOUT ME.  I researched it for a project that I had to do.

     The meaning of my name is the “Clouds of Heaven of Above.”  There is also a drink named Alize too.  Weird.  How many people in the United States have the name Alize?  There are five people in the United States that have Alize as a first name.  The famous people that have the same birthday as me are Julia Roberts, Dennis Franz, and Sister Nivedita.  I’ve been alive for 4,064 days, 11 hours, 10 minutes, and 15 seconds. My zodiac sign in a Scorpio and my Chinese sign is a Dragon. Both are strong and full of energy.  That’s ALL ABOUT ME!


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